Types of Loans

In Copernicus Credit we offer financing through the bridge loan formula backed by a mortgage guarantee to businesses in all sectors and for various purposes

Principle characteristics:

  • A mortgage guarantee is required
  • We finance up to 55% of the value of the collateral
  • Financing between €500k and €10 million
  • Between 12 and 36 months duration
  • Flexible principal and interest payment structure


In the case of requesting finance to carry out real estate development projects, in Copernicus Credit we can analyze the project and finance it through a bridge loan with a flexible principal and interest repayment structure.
The value of the bridge loan can be disbursed in partial amounts, upon the presentation of invoices and/or work licenses and evidence of the progress of the works.


For investment companies looking for finance to acquire a real estate asset, Copernicus Credit facilitates this with a flexible capital and interest repayment scheme, adaptable to each company’s cash flow generation.

In Copernicus Credit we have experience in financing the following types of real estate investments:

  • Finance for the acquisition, renovation, and sale of a real estate asset.
  • Finance for the acquisition of a real estate asset for subsequent lease.
  • Finance for the acquisition of a commercial asset and its subsequent operation.
  • Finance for the acquisition of real estate assets with the intention to write-off part of the associated debt.


For debt restructuring situation, either to make liquidity adjustments, or to free up capital, Copernicus Credit can facilitate the necessary finance by placing value on the company’s real estate assets such as:

  • Residential Assets.
  • Commercial Assets.
  • Hotels.
  • Industrial Assets.


For the financial requirements to acquire ANY real estate asset at auction, Copernicus Credit can provide a tailor-made solution for each case.

Thanks to the accumulated experience of Copernicus Servicing, our team at Copernicus Credit has the experience in the analysis of real estate transactions at auction, as we understand perfectly the needs of the client in these types of transactions and can provide a financing scheme best adapted to each case.


Copernicus Credit can provide companies with the necessary finance to settle their tax liabilities, SUCH AS IVA, Corporate Income Tax, Social Security debts or fines.

Also, special situations such as Inheritance Tax, for those cases in which the necessary liquidity is sought for the acceptance of inheritances.


Copernicus Credit is not limited to financing operations related to the real estate sector, as we can also finance companies who want to invest in business projects.

Whenever a real estate guarantee can be provided, we can consider financing the project. For example, in the case of a company that needs to renew or renovate its industrial machinery, it can be financed by putting a real estate property as collateral.